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  • Stretch+ Massage Services

    Services which include AIS only or combined with Massage
    • First Time Client : AIS Stretching with 1 hour Massage $70
      Complimentary introduction to AIS Stretching with the purchase of a 1hr massage at the regular price. This service is for clients wishing to experience the benefits of AIS Stretching for the first time here at Houston Medical Massage. The entire therapy session will last about 90 minutes. Stretching is done at the beginning of the session. Clients wanting to experience must wear loose comfortable clothing suitable for stretching.
    • 1 Hour AIS Stretching $70
      1 Hour of AIS Stretching. Comfortable loose clothing is required for stretch therapy.
    • 1.5 Hour AIS Stretching with Massage $105
      A powerful therapy that combines therapeutic massage with Active Isolated Stretching (AIS).

      Loose comfortable clothing is required for the AIS stretching session.
    • 1.5 hour AIS Stretch Therapy $105
      90 minutes AIS Stretch Therapy customized to each client's needs. Clients must wear clothing suitable for stretching.
  • General Massage Services

    General therapeutic massage services